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Whether it’s a fresh bouillabaisse enjoyed with a glass of pinot gris, or flour mixed with paint to create a Rembrandt masterpiece, the French love mixing and matching their favourite things. And so it appears, they also like to create tennis terms out of French food!

Well, we’re not really sure if the French coined these terms but it appears that tennis and French food names are game, set, match!

French food names that tennis has borrowed over time

bagel: Colloquial term for winning or losing a set 6–0 (the shape of the zero being reminiscent of the round shape of a bagel).

bisque: One stroke (point), which may be claimed by the receiver at any part of the set. Part of the handicapping odds and used during the early era of the sport. Abolished by the LTA in 1890.

breadstick: Colloquial term for winning or losing a set 6-1, with the straight shape of the one supposedly being reminiscent of the straight shape of a breadstick.

If you need to polish up on your tennis terms in time for the Brisbane International 2016, spend a few minutes over here: Source: Wikipedia

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