Federer is in our backyard and we’re excited!

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It’s Brisbane International time and Roger Federer is in our backyard – only a few minutes drive from Boucher – and we can’t help but to be excited.

One of the reasons this gets us feeling bubbly is because we’re all geared up for the tennis this year. We’ve created a special set menu and we’re open every day for lunch and dinner during the tournament. Our aim is to offer tennis players, support teams and fans another dining option where they can escape the tennis crowds for a truly enjoyable, high quality meal just one suburb away from the Pat Rafter Arena. Being an indoor, air-conditioned restaurant we can guarantee a comfortable dining experience regardless of what Brisbane’s weather is throwing at us. We’re keen to welcome everyone, but deep down we know our team is secretly hoping for some Grand Slam champs to walk through our door!

The second reason we get excited about Roger being in town is because this man always has the nicest things to say about Brisbane, both the city and its people. Every year that he shows up he seems to genuinely be happy to be here. We know that he works hard while he’s here, but we get the feeling that the relaxed nature of our beautiful city provides a little respite from his crazy, busy tournament life. And not only that, he gives full credit to Brisbane International for its fierce competition and the importance it holds for the professional tennis community.

“People like to talk about this tournament as a preparation for bigger things, but I don’t really see it that way,” Federer said. “Every tournament I play is important to me. Playing in Pat Rafter Arena with the crowds here in Australia, it’s always very exciting for me. This is a tournament I want to win. The draws are tough here … I told them they make it hard for me to defend my title.” Read more from the Brisbane International.

So welcome back, Roger, and indeed to all of our valued tennis visitors. Fingers crossed we’ll be serving up our grand-slam menu to you very soon!

Roger Federer inspiring Brisbane's tennis kids at Pat Rafter Arena, Tennyson. Image: Brisbane International (Instagram: BrisbaneTennis)

Roger Federer inspiring Brisbane’s tennis kids at Pat Rafter Arena, Tennyson. Image: Brisbane International (Instagram: BrisbaneTennis)

Get all of the details and directions to Boucher here.

Boucher Summer Recipe – Beetroot & Horseradish Cured Salmon

Boucher Recipe - Beetroot & Horseradish Cured Salmon

This cured salmon dish is perfect for hot Summer days and steamy nights.


1 x side of fresh salmon (scaled and pin bones removed) – your fish monger will do this for you

1 x stick of horseradish (grated)

1 x beetroot (raw, grated, minimum 200g)

250g salt flake crystals

250g raw sugar

¼ bunch of picked dill

1 x lemon



Boucher Recipe 11. Mix the horseradish, beetroot, salt, sugar and dill in a bowl.
Boucher Recipe 22. Place a double layer of foil on bench, ensuring it is 6 inches longer than the salmon at both ends.
3. Lightly sprinkle the horseradish/salt mix onto areas of the foil which will make contact with the salmon.
Boucher Recipe 34. Place the salmon onto the foil.
Boucher Recipe 55. Spread the rest of horseradish/salt mix over the top, ensuring the thickest parts of the salmon fillet receives a thicker layering of the mixture.
Boucher Recipe 56. Fold the ends of the foil over the salmon and then fold the sides.
7. Place in a baking dish in the fridge for 48 hours with a light weight over the fillet (for example, a bottle of water).
8. Drain off liquid every 12 hours.
9. After 48 hours, scrape off remaining marinade and thinly slice to serve.

Bon Appetit!

Bagels, Bisque & Breadsticks?

Boucher Tennis Brisbane International

Whether it’s a fresh bouillabaisse enjoyed with a glass of pinot gris, or flour mixed with paint to create a Rembrandt masterpiece, the French love mixing and matching their favourite things. And so it appears, they also like to create tennis terms out of French food!

Well, we’re not really sure if the French coined these terms but it appears that tennis and French food names are game, set, match!

French food names that tennis has borrowed over time

bagel: Colloquial term for winning or losing a set 6–0 (the shape of the zero being reminiscent of the round shape of a bagel).

bisque: One stroke (point), which may be claimed by the receiver at any part of the set. Part of the handicapping odds and used during the early era of the sport. Abolished by the LTA in 1890.

breadstick: Colloquial term for winning or losing a set 6-1, with the straight shape of the one supposedly being reminiscent of the straight shape of a breadstick.

If you need to polish up on your tennis terms in time for the Brisbane International 2016, spend a few minutes over here: Source: Wikipedia

And remember, Boucher is open all day, serving up an all-star menu right through the Brisbane International. Read more here.

It’s Our Serve for the Brisbane International

Boucher - Tennis BNE International

The Brisbane International is one of the most exciting events on Boucher’s yearly planner. This coming year sees seven Grand Slam tennis champs take to the courts at the Queensland Tennis Centre, Tennyson.

Boucher is so close we’re almost on the baseline, and this year we’re hoping to hear a bit of John McEnroe angst when he takes on another favourite legend, Pat Cash. Yes folks, they’ll both be in town, along with our heroes, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and Queensland’s very own court superstars – Sam Stosur and Bernard Tomic.

We know that tennis enthusiasts love bagels, bisque and breadsticks, which of course, is right up our alley. But as number one seed we also know we can serve up better than that! Our Chef, Peter Carter, has thrown the ball high and is ready to deliver a special Brisbane International Menu for our VIP players, their support teams, families and of course, all of the avid tennis fans.

If you’re one of those lucky tennis fans, be sure to escape the heat and the crowds in between matches. Open for lunch from 12 noon and right through to closing after dinner, Boucher invites you to relax in air-conditioned comfort and enjoy some of the finest French food that Brisbane has to offer!

View our Brisbane International Flyer & Menu here.

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Get directions from Queensland Tennis Centre:

New Year’s Eve in French Style!

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NYE at Boucher French Bistro


31 December 2015
Want to say farewell to 2015 in style? Boucher is open New Year’s Eve!

Bring your besties and relax in air-conditioned comfort, taking your time to enjoy sensational French cuisine from our degustation or a la carte menu. Pop the cork on some delicious French champagne before heading into the city for the midnight fireworks.

Christmas Day Lunch at Boucher

Boucher French Christmas Lunch

Joyeux Noël!

** Sorry – we are no longer taking bookings for this event.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas**


If you’ve heard whispers of a reputed “Santa’s Little Helper” being very busy in Graceville, you’ll be happy to know the secret is now out! Our Chef, Peter, has been whipping up a special menu for Boucher French Bistro’s annual Christmas Day Lunch.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for most families, and with two of his own cute little elves at home, Peter understands that preparing a big family lunch whilst entertaining the little peeps on school holidays is a task way too enormous for many.

Or perhaps you’re facing Christmas on your own this year and you’d like to spoil yourself with something special.

Boucher to the rescue!

Peter and his team have been experimenting in the kitchen to create a delectable Christmas Day Menu that will entice your nearest and dearest for an unforgettable French celebration. We’d love you to join us for some Christmas feasting and festivities. Reservations are essential.

Peruse the Christmas Day Lunch Menu here.

Make an online reservation.

Alternatively, call the Boucher team on (07) 3716 0388