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It’s Brisbane International time and Roger Federer is in our backyard – only a few minutes drive from Boucher – and we can’t help but to be excited.

One of the reasons this gets us feeling bubbly is because we’re all geared up for the tennis this year. We’ve created a special set menu and we’re open every day for lunch and dinner during the tournament. Our aim is to offer tennis players, support teams and fans another dining option where they can escape the tennis crowds for a truly enjoyable, high quality meal just one suburb away from the Pat Rafter Arena. Being an indoor, air-conditioned restaurant we can guarantee a comfortable dining experience regardless of what Brisbane’s weather is throwing at us. We’re keen to welcome everyone, but deep down we know our team is secretly hoping for some Grand Slam champs to walk through our door!

The second reason we get excited about Roger being in town is because this man always has the nicest things to say about Brisbane, both the city and its people. Every year that he shows up he seems to genuinely be happy to be here. We know that he works hard while he’s here, but we get the feeling that the relaxed nature of our beautiful city provides a little respite from his crazy, busy tournament life. And not only that, he gives full credit to Brisbane International for its fierce competition and the importance it holds for the professional tennis community.

“People like to talk about this tournament as a preparation for bigger things, but I don’t really see it that way,” Federer said. “Every tournament I play is important to me. Playing in Pat Rafter Arena with the crowds here in Australia, it’s always very exciting for me. This is a tournament I want to win. The draws are tough here … I told them they make it hard for me to defend my title.” Read more from the Brisbane International.

So welcome back, Roger, and indeed to all of our valued tennis visitors. Fingers crossed we’ll be serving up our grand-slam menu to you very soon!

Roger Federer inspiring Brisbane's tennis kids at Pat Rafter Arena, Tennyson. Image: Brisbane International (Instagram: BrisbaneTennis)

Roger Federer inspiring Brisbane’s tennis kids at Pat Rafter Arena, Tennyson. Image: Brisbane International (Instagram: BrisbaneTennis)

Get all of the details and directions to Boucher here.

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